Coalition Warfare

D’une guerre l’autre - La place des langues dans les préparatifs militaires, du XIXe au XXe siècle

Elargir l'étude des préparatifs militaires vers le 19e siècle

Framing complex roles - French First World War military interpreters' choices in explaining their position

Visual culture analysis of several photographs of First World War military interpreters.

Mapping Language Space in the Allied Coalition on the Western Front

Exploration of the British officers' mess as an intermediary space of the Allied Coalition on the Western Front

Constructing identity across language and cultural borders in time of conflict – Military Interpreters in the Allied coalition during the First World War

Paper for an international graduate workshop on interdisciplinary research in the humanities.

Fighting together. Language issues in military coordination of World War One Allied Coalition Warfare

Methodological exploration on understanding coalition warfare