Allied Coalition

Interpreting the interpreter – The lasting impact of André Maurois‘ role working alongside the British during the First World War

Exploring Maurois' career.

Allied identity? André Maurois' experience of the First World War

Retracing the career of André Maurois

Mint sauce and Plonk – British military culture encounters the Other on the Western Front

Reconsidering the officers' mess as an intercultural space

Mésentente cordiale – Languages in the Allied coalition on the Western Front

Previous scholarship on the Allied coalition during the First World war has tended to stress the misunderstandings and distrust between the individuals representing their countries at high command level. There is an unexplained tension between this …

La vision britannique de l’intervention portugaise

Exploration des appréciations militaires britanniques sur les troupes portugaises

Allied Relations, languages and the future of Europe

Les langues de la bataille - La Somme franco-britannique

Aspects linguistiques de la bataille

Jacques Vaché, interprète - quelques pistes

Une exploration des archives relatives à l'activité d'interprète de Jacques Vaché

Mésentente cordiale? Language in the Allied coalition on the Western Front of the Great War

'Ces conquérants pacifiques et leurs hôtes' - Friendly Occupation of Northern France by the British forces during the First World War

The British presence in Northern France during the First World War