Les Publications scientifiques du centenaire

Donner sens à la Grande Guerre ?

Mobiliser les compétences linguistiques et culturelles : l'organisation du service de Langues dans l'armée française en Orient pendant la Première Guerre mondiale

Power Relations in Postcards of French First World War Military Interpreters

French military interpreters attached to the British troops during the First World War often experienced considerable difficulty in explaining their position even to close relatives. They felt the need to justify the fact that they were not exposed …


Of Go-Betweens and Gatekeepers: Considering Disciplinary Biases in Interpreting History through Exemplary Metaphors. Military Interpreters in the Allied Coalition during the First World War

This volume presents translation as a powerful activity by revisiting the roles of translators and interpreters and the contexts of translation and interpreting in societies affected by globalisation and migration. The articles in this volume cover …

Fighting Together: Language Issues in the Military Coordination of First World War Allied Coalition Warfare