Digital Skills

IT Tools for Research

A third-year optional introduction to digital tools for academic research at Sorbonne Université. Students select a topic for the semester from the domain of anglophone studies which can be something they intend to pursue further after graduation. Taught from 2020-2021 onwards

IT Tools for Teaching

A third-year optional introduction at Sorbonne Université to digital tools which can be used for teaching. Students select a topic for the semester which appears in the French secondary school curriculum for English. Taught from 2020-2021 onwards

Recherche documentaire en ligne

Three sessions on research in online databases for English Studies Masters' students at Sorbonne Université. Taught from 2018-2019 onwards

Faire de l'histoire à l'ére numérique : retours d'expériences

« Formons les chercheurs digital natives ! »