Supervision of Masters' theses

Useful information for students considering a Masters' degree under my supervision.

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As a maîtresse de conférences in the English department at Sorbonne Université I can supervise Masters students on our degree course in Etudes anglophones. I usually have 2-3 students in any given year working towards their first and second year of the Masters respectively. You can find more information on the Masters' degree on the department website.

Possible topics

I am an historian of the second half of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century and I work in large part on Britain and her links with other countries and territories. My speciality is military history.

This means I can supervise work by students who take an historical approach to Britain and its Empire, approximately 1850-1950. The cultural history of war/military conflict is of particular interest to me.

How and when to contact me

Please get in touch with me by email (see contact section at the bottom of this website) well ahead of the advertised deadlines for our Masters' degree. I ask potential students to send me:

  1. A document of at least three A4 pages on the topic which you would like to study for your masters degree, including at least half a page of references to books and academic articles you have read on the topic.

  2. The detailed breakdown of your undergraduate degree marks per term/semester, in particular in any history/civilisation classes you may have taken.

Franziska Heimburger
Franziska Heimburger
Senior Lecturer in British History

My research interests include 19th and 20th century cultural history of military conflicts and language policy in military coalitions.